How To Get Free Credits for Badoo

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How To Get Free Credits for Badoo

As part of our Badoo coverage, Im tackling a few questions around credits. Specifically, ‘What are Badoo credits and what do I get for them?, ‘How do I get Badoo credit?, ‘How can I get free credits for Badoo and ‘Do any of the websites offering hacks for free Badoo credits work?

We have received all of these questions in their various forms over the past couple months so I thought I would bundle them together to make a fairly coherent article.

Badoo is a free dating site with premium elements. With over 400 million regular users, its a popular social network and dating site that is open to everyone. The core offering is free. It is free to download and use the app. Free to set up a profile, find matches and to chat. The premium features just add time savings or different functionality to the site.

There is also Badoo Premium which is the subscription part of the app which gives you features such as highlighting, queue jumping, undo features, invisible mode and other features. Then there are Badoo credits which Ill cover in more detail here.

What are Badoo credits and what do I get for them?

Badoo credits are an in-app currency that lets you buy Super Powers. These Super Powers include Get Featured, which places you at the top of your local stacks. So daters in your area within your criteria will see you first. Another Super Power is Encounters where you are placed close to the top so you are noticed more often.

These Super Powers are similar to Tinder Gold and Plus and work in much the same way. You buy Super Powers with credits which you buy with real money.

How do I get Badoo credit?

You can buy or earn Badoo credit. Ill discuss buying credit here as I cover free credits in the next answer. I find it easier to use the web for this so these instructions describe that. The apps will differ slightly but should still be relevant. (altro…)

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